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Attach N-Gage Grips so your hands are slightly facing each other in a more neutral position. 

“A” for overhand lifts

“V” FOR underhand lifts


For safety, always face the grip opening away from your palm when pushing weight away from your body. Always face the grip opening toward your palm when pulling weight toward you. 


Grasp the N-Gage Grips tightly and securely throughout the movement. Always wrap your thumb around the grip to ensure a tight grasp.


One grip in each set is marked with an “O” and the other with an “X”. This does not indicate left from right. It simply is to help identify that the grips are mirror-images of each other (not exact copies).

When used per the directions above on a barbell, the “O” grip will go in the right hand for presses, tricep extensions, curls, and underhand rows

The “X” will go in the right hand for overhand rows and reverse curls primarily


STEP 1 is optional. Get creative. Mostly you’ll want your hands in a more neutral position like described in STEP 1, but sometimes you might want to try something new. And that’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s encouraged.

For example, over-supinating your hands (palms up and slightly pointed away from one another) on a barbell curl could be a great option for those with enough wrist flexibility who want to maximize their bicep contraction (bicep is partially responsible for supinating the hand).


Don’t just use N-GAGE GRIPS on your barbells. They can be used on dumbbells, weight machines, resistance bands, and nearly all cable attachments.

STEP 1 obviously doesn’t apply to most non-barbell applications. The best way to know which grip to place in which hand is to try different methods and learn what works best for you. Then you can remember which grip (”X” or “O”) was in which hand for that particular lift so you can recall it in your next workout. 


1. Always inspect the exterior and interior of your N-GAGE GRIPS for excess dirt, grime, oils, or other residue prior to use.

2. Use warm water and dish soap to thoroughly wash the exterior and interior surfaces of your N-GAGE GRIPS.

3. Allow the grips to air dry completely before use.


You must only exercise using N-GAGE GRIPS in accordance with the instructions shown here. Results may vary. You must be at least 16 years old to use N-GAGE GRIPS. Stop exercising immediately if you experience discomfort or pain while using N-GAGE GRIPS. Use extra caution when using N-GAGE GRIPS during lifts that place weight over any part of your body. Persons with allergies to rubber and/or similar materials must not use N-GAGE GRIPS. There is a risk of injury when lifting weights with or without the use of N-GAGE GRIPS. Everyone using N-GAGE GRIPS does so at their own risk. Immediately stop using N-GAGE GRIPS if any wear, tear, or defects appear.

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