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I've lifted weights since Jr. High.   Although I was never exceptionally strong or athletic, I always enjoyed the process of getting stronger and staying fit.  And as I've gotten older, fitness has become somewhat of an obsession and a huge part of my lifestyle.

About four years ago I found myself in the middle of serious physical and mental plateaus. My workout routines had become too routine. I was just going through the motions and I was no longer achieving the same level of results. About this time I also started experiencing shoulder and elbow pain that was affecting how hard I could go in the gym.

After learning more about how traditional barbells can contribute to joint pain and the physiological benefits of using more dumb bells, EZ-curl bars, multi-grip bars, and thick bars, I came up with the idea for a less expensive and more effective solution to help align and stabilize my joints while lifting.

I made the first prototype set of N-Gage Grips in my garage with a polyurethane material I ordered online and some supplies from the local hardware store.

It only took one day in the gym with my prototype to realize I was on to something. Not only did the angle of the grip better align my joints and make barbell lifts feel more natural, but the larger diameter increased muscle tension which led to more stable joints and more muscle contraction throughout my upper body.

The more I used them the more I liked them.  

At some point, I decided others could benefit from my these things, so I set out to launch this business. 

The journey to develop, design, test and get N-Gage Grips into production has been full of challenges and setbacks, but I'm focused on doing things the right way and selling a product I can stand behind. Everything has now all come together and I couldn't be more excited about the final result.


In the past 4 years, as I've been working to develop a great product, build a business, and hold down a full-time job, I also welcomed my two sons into this world.  It's been a bit crazy around here for a while, but I'm incredibly fortunate to have a supportive, loving wife and two kick-ass little boys who are my constant motivation to keep learning, growing, and working hard. 

A primary reason for starting this business is to set a great example for my two boys.  To show them what's possible with hard work, dedication, creativity, and a little luck.  To show them how to fill their lives with challenge.  And to show them that happiness and fulfillment do not come from money but from being grateful for what you have, and from impacting the lives of those around you in a positive way.

It's with that spirit that I created N-Gage Grips.  I sincerely hope each set makes a positive impact in the life of everyone who buys one.  I believe they will.  

Matt Leadbetter

Founder, N-Gage Grips



Questions, concerns, comments?  Contact us at Matt@NgageGrips.com.  We're still a very small crew, so no customer service phone number or generic email address.  Matt will respond directly to all emails. 


Before using N-Gage Grips read the instructions that can be found on the home page of this website or in each packaged set. 

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