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Hi there, 

Thanks for checking out N-GAGE GRIPS!  I'm Matt, the guy behind the grips.  Don't hesitate to shoot me an email at if you have any questions.  



Like most people that spend any time at all lifting weights, I deal with my fair share of aches and pains, and after 15+ years of lifting, I've also struggled to find ways to keep things fresh and interesting in the gym.

I started to research ways to protect my joints while still pushing myself in the gym.  One common solution many people turn to is the use of specialty bars like EZ bars, swiss bars, multi-grip bars, thick bars, buffalo bars, etc.  But as someone on a budget, I had a hard time justifying dropping hundreds of dollars on a bar I'd probably only use for one or two lifts. 



That's when I came up with the concept for N-GAGE GRIPS.  A bar attachment that can be used on any bar, dumbbell, or piece of gym equipment that creates a more neutral and ergonomic grip angle. 

After making and testing the prototypes I quickly realized they not only helped relieve some of the joint tension caused by lifting with a straight bar, but they also were leading to more intense pumps caused by the thicker grip.  

So in a nutshell: EZ-Bar Grip + Thick Grip = N-GAGE GRIPS




The journey to develop, design, test and get N-Gage Grips into production has been challenging, but we've remained focused on doing things the right way so we can sell a product we can stand behind. 

Our initial rounds of inventory were manufactured in China.  Our product was really good and our customer feedback was great, but we continued looking for ways to improve our product and our business. 

Shortly after launch, and in the midst of a global pandemic, we decided to invest in bringing production back to the US.  After months of iterating the product by improving on the original design and formulating a slightly better performing material, we launched our US-made N-GAGE GRIPS in November of 2021, and we couldn't be more excited about that decision.  (cue bald eagle, 


N-GAGE GRIPS isn't my get-rich-quick scheme.  No, my primary reason for starting this business is to show my three young kids what's possible with hard work, dedication, creativity, and a little luck.  To show them how to fill their lives with challenge.  And to show them that happiness and fulfillment do not come from money but from being grateful for what you have and from impacting the lives of those around you in a positive way.

It's with that spirit that I created N-Gage Grips.  I sincerely hope each set makes a positive impact in the life of everyone who purchases one.  I believe they will.  

Matt Leadbetter

Founder, N-Gage Grips



Questions, concerns, comments?  Contact us at  We're still a very small crew, so no customer service phone number or generic email address.  Matt will respond directly to all emails. 


    Before using N-Gage Grips read the instructions that can be found on the home page of this website or in each packaged set. 

    The intellectual property of N-GAGE GRIPS is legally protected by:

    • Copyrighted web pages, pictures, and graphics.
    • USPTO Registered Trademark name and tagline
    • U.S. Patent. No. 11,266,870
    • U.S. Patent No D875857


    • You must only exercise using N-Gage Grips in accordance with the instructions provided.
    • Results may vary. 
    • You must be at least 16 years old to use N-Gage Grips. 
    • Stop exercising immediately if you experience discomfort or pain while using N-Gage Grips. 
    • Use extra caution when using N-Gage Grips during lifts that place weight over any part of your body. 
    • Persons with allergies to rubber and/or similar materials must not use N-Gage Grips.
    • There is a risk of injury when lifting weights with or without the use of N-Gage Grips.
    • Everyone using N-Gage Grips does so at their own risk. 
    • Immediately stop using N-Gage Grips if any wear, tear, or defects appear.  Please reference the N-Gage Grips lifetime warranty for steps to receive a free replacement.
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