N-Gage Grips

Increase Mechanical Tension

The larger grip diameter helps increase mechanical tension which leads to muscle hypertrophy (i.e. size & strength gains). 

Improve Joint Alignment & Stability

The more neutral grip improves joint alignment, and the increased mechanical tension increases joint stability. 

Introduce new lift variations

Take your strength to the next level with a new approach and never-before-possible lift variations.


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60-Day Guarantee

If you're not happy with your new N-Gage Grips, just send them back within 60 days for a full refund.  We'll even cover the return shipping.  Read the full Return Policy here

Lifetime Warranty

Your N-Gage Grips were made to last.  If you ever notice any wear, tear, or defects, just send them back and we'll replace them. Read the full Return Policy here.

How they work

Muscle Tension & Irradiation

Sherrington's Physiological Law of Irradiation: "The ability of one muscle when it tenses strongly to recruit the tension of nearby muscles." Translation: A thicker grip = more tension in the hand and forearm = more tension in connected muscle groups (e.g. biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest). More muscle tension leads to more muscle growth, more strength gains, and more stabilized joints.

More Neutral and Natural Grip

Humans didn't evolve to lift heavy, perfectly-straight barbells. A fully pronated (palms down) or fully supinated (palms up) grip position isn't the most effective way to lift heavy things. N-Gage Grips make barbell movements more natural by putting your hands in a slightly more neutral position. This helps reduce joint pain & discomfort, encourages proper form, and helps engage the right muscles to make your lifts more effective.

Variability and Muscle Confusion

We're talking about the benefits of introducing something new to your training. Mind/muscle connection, nueural drive, increased focus, muscle confusion. Call it whatever you'd like. A new style, a new exercise, a new variation of an old exercise, or using a new tool like N-Gage Grips will help you get the most out of each rep and stimulate muscles in totally different ways to promote new growth.


"Hands down the best grippers I've ever used and not only for training the forearms and grip musculature via the thicker grips, but also for providing joint friendly and incredibly comfortable positions that allow maximal overload. If you're sick of getting beat up by traditional barbell movements, whether it's your shoulders, wrists, elbows, or hands, I highly recommend giving the N-GAGE GRIPS a try ASAP. "

– Dr. Joel Seedman, PhD in Kinesiology, Owner of Advanced Human Performance, @dr.joelseedman_ahp on IG

"N-GAGE GRIPS have helped me train everyone from youth to elite level athletes. The thick grip not only improves forearm strength, but the added angle helps align the joint into proper movement patterns. This has helped reduce overuse injuries in the weight room while improving performance!"

– Bret Kelly, MS in Sports Science & Rehab, @bk_strengthcoach on IG

"N-GAGE GRIPS are a valuable tool for different training goals. The intricate detail in the design provides a comfortable grip that's helpful for clients with wrist injuries or restrictions, and the grips also make movements like reverse curls a lot easier to do with neutral joint angles."

– Coach Kim Jones, IFBB Pro, Functional Medicine Health Coach, @jones_strength on IG

"I like these better than any other fat bar attachment I've seen. They have a little bit of an angle through them which allows you to supinate or pronate your grip depending on how you're holding the bar or the dumb bell. Also having the fatter grip is helping to engage more muscles and get everything 'turned on'. These grips have been a game changer."

– Scott Caulfield, Director of Strength & Conditioning at Colorado College, @coachcaulfield on IG

The newest innovation in traditional strength training





N-Gage Grips are the world's first and only product of its kind and the newest innovation in traditional strength training. 

U.S. Patent No. D875857; Utility Patent Pending


  - Length: 4.75 inches

  - Grip Diameter: 2.1 inches

  - Fits Any Standard Bar (28mm and up)

  - Industrial-Strength Natural Rubber Material

  - Non-Slip Surface

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Our story

Click here to learn more about our story and what we're about. 

Who They're for

- COMPETITIVE BODY BUILDERS looking for an edge over the competition

- HOME GYM OWNERS looking for a specialty bar or E-Z bar alternative

- ANYONE who experiences unwanted PAIN when lifting with straight bars

- BEGINNER WEIGHT LIFTERS looking to maximize early gains

- EXPERIENCED WEIGHTLIFTERS looking to bust through plateaus

- BUSY PEOPLE looking to optimize their limited time in the gym

- WEIGHTLIFTERS who suffer from a weak grip and small forearms

- ATHLETES looking to increase grip strength to improve athletic performance

Before you hit the gym, be sure to review the instructions and safety warnings

Let's Be smart about this

How exactly will using these help me "lift smarter"?

"Lifting smarter" is about finding ways to optimize your training to help you get stronger, faster while also staying healthy and pain-free.  N-Gage Grips are just one tool to help you lift smarter.  Check out the About page for more thoughts on this.

Will they help heal my shoulder sprain?

No. You should see a medical professional if you think you might be injured.  N-Gage Grips won't reduce joint pain resulting from a serious underlying injury. 

So they'll cure my shoulder pain and I can stop my physical therapy?

No. N-Gage Grips have serious benefits that can help you manage joint pain and discomfort when lifting, but there are other tools, resources, therapies, and strategies that could help as well.

What if I just want a bigger back but my grip is super weak?

You'll need yoked forearms to go with that big back.  A stronger grip will lead to overall strength and size.  If your grip strength is a limiting factor, give it time to develop, then you'll be able to really overload other muscle groups.  

So just use the grips and I'll automatically get stronger?

Not quite. N-Gage Grips can be a powerful tool, but to achieve optimum results you should learn and implement the basic fundamentals of strength training such as good form, progressive loading, diet, rest & recovery, etc. 

So use them every day? For every exercise? Forever?

N-Gage Grips are not meant to be used for every exercise every day for an extended period of time.  Just like other fitness tools or routines, they should be cycled into your workouts where it makes sense for you.

Will I be able to lift more weight the first time I use them?

No, and don't try.  Start with lighter than normal weight so your body has a chance to learn the new movement pattern.  Once muscle memory is established, strength gains will soon follow.  

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