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N-GAGE GRIPS are IN STOCK here!!! (even though Amazon may be out of stock)

EZ-Bar angle + thick Grip = N-GAGE GRIPS

Increase muscle activation

Larger grip diameter = more activation of hand and forearm muscles leading to more mechanical tension throughout your upper body.

improve joint alignment

The grip angle creates more neutral and natural positions for your wrists, elbows, and shoulders (like an EZ bar or Swiss bar).

introduce new lift variations

Add N-GAGE GRIPS to any bar, dumbbell, or piece of gym equipment to create a new stimulus on your target muscle group.

Lifetime warranty

Your N-Gage Grips were made to last.  If you ever notice any wear, tear, or defects, just send them back and we'll replace them.

60-Day Money back guarantee

If you're not happy with your new N-Gage Grips, just send them back within 60 days for a full refund.  We'll even cover the return shipping from anywhere in the US. 

$8.00 off & Free 2-3 Day Shipping

When you buy 2 or more sets of N-GAGE GRIPS we'll take off $8.00 and automatically upgrade you from economy shipping to EXPEDITED shipping.




What the Experts Have to say

Muscle tension & irradiation

Sherrington's Physiological Law of Irradiation: "The ability of one muscle when it tenses strongly to recruit the tension of nearby muscles."

Translation: A thicker grip = more muscle activation in the hand and forearm = more tension in connected muscle groups (e.g. biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest).

More muscle tension leads to more muscle growth, more strength gains, and more stabilized joints.

MOre neutral grip

N-GAGE GRIPS are a less expensive and more versatile alternative to EZ bars, multi-grip bars, and other specialty bars that are designed to create a more neutral grip.

As you know, straight bars force your hands into fully supinated (palms up) or fully pronated (palms down) positions which can be pretty restrictive on your joints. This can sometimes cause pain and discomfort and even prevent you from hitting the muscles your trying to target.

A more neutral-angled grip helps relieves that joint stress in your wrists, elbows, and shoulders and can help you connect better with your target muscle group.

New variation

Stick to the same routine and you'll likely continue to see the same results. When you add variation to your training, you're much more likely to see and feel more progress.

Whether it's a new split, a new exercise, a new machine, a new variation of an old exercise, or using a new tool like N-GAGE GRIPS, variation impacts your workouts in several ways.

A new physical stimulus can allow you to increase activation of specific muscles. A new tool or routine can also bring new focus to your workout and help improve the mind-muscle connection. And finally, variation helps keep your workouts new and fresh which will help you stay more consistent.


What are N-GAGE GRIPS made of?

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N-GAGE GRIPS are made from a proprietary industrial strength NATURAL RUBBER compound. It took us dozens of material iterations and formulations to land on this specific material.

Although natural rubber is generally more expensive than synthetic polymers and silicon (what most other similar products are made of), we wanted to develop a product that we could stand behind and trust to be safe under heavy weights and extreme use over a long period of time.

No other rubber material has the tensile strength, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, and elasticity of NATURAL rubber.

Why should I care about grip strength?

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1. Your grip strength can be a significant limiting factor to getting bigger and stronger. If you can't hold on long enough to reach near full exhaustion of your target muscles, those muscles won't be stimulated enough to grow like you want them to.

2. Because nobody wants a weak grip or small forearms, but you've probably not devoted much time at all to developing either.

3. Grip strength is key for nearly all athletic performance (except maybe soccer and marathon running). Think about it. Everything from swinging a bat to dribbling a basketball to catching a football or even swinging a tennis racket or spiking a volleyball require well developed hand and forearm strength for optimum performance.

4. Studies have found grip strength has been correlated to lower cardio vascular disease and all-cause mortality. This is likely primarily due to simply leading a healthy and fit lifestyle and the obvious health benefits realized from it, but it's worth a mention nonetheless.

Who's behind the business?

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We're a small startup business selling a simple fitness product that we think can help you get something more (or something new) out of the your workouts. Click here to learn more about our story and what we're about. 

Are N-GAGE GRIPS just another dumb fitness gimmick?

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Of course not! But we get the skepticism. Things that are different can often feel gimmicky. That's why we have the 60-day Guarantee. Try them risk free and if you don't love them, just send them back!

N-GAGE GRIPS are a less expensive and more versatile strength training tool designed to provide similar benefits as dozens of other innovations that have found their way into our home and commercial gyms over the last several decades.

Things like EZ bars, thick bars, swiss/football bars, buffalo bars, cable machines and unique attachments, other machines of all varieties, etc.

If you think EZ bars and cable attachments are gimmicky, then N-GAGE GRIPS probably aren't for you.

Why are they not cheaper?

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They aren't "cheap" because they aren't cheaply made. Here's what you get for $39:

- A 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

- A Lifetime Warranty

- A product made in the USA

- A product made from a proprietary industrial strength natural rubber (not a cheap synthetic polymer or flimsy silicon)

- A completely unique and patented product that will allow you to do lift variations that have never before been possible. (Think of it as an adjustable thick-grip EZ bar in your gym bag).

Will N-GAGE GRIPS cure my joint pain?

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No, probably not. And we're not trying to claim they will. Joint pain can be caused by a thousand different things, and you should consult you doctor to verify you don't have any serious underlying injuries.

That being said, N-GAGE GRIPS have been able to help people reduce some of the joint pain that can be caused by the restrictive positions a straight bar can put on their wrists, elbows and shoulders.

There's no magic pill here. Just another useful tool to help you optimize your workouts.

Can people with smaller-than-average hands use them?

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The larger grip diameter will create a slight challenge for anyone with smaller hands. Most women, for example, will have a different experience using N-GAGE GRIPS than most men.

Those with small hands may want to limit the use of N-GAGE GRIPS to warmup sets or only reps of lighter weights. This will prime the users grip for the rest of their reps and will prevent their inability to keep ahold of the grips from limiting the amount of load they are able to put on the target muscle group.

If you order N-GAGE GRIPS and determine they are just too large for your hands to be effective, simply return them for a full refund!

Do you sell internationally outside the US?

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Not right now, but we're working on it! We hope to have our international distribution channels established soon, but in the meantime we've heard great things about . If you live outside of the United States and are interested in buying a set of N-Gage Grips, you might look to use a service such as theirs.

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